Sydney: our initial entry to Australia under Visa 189


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  1. Grace says:

    Hi Mommycathy! Thanks for sharing your experience! My family will also visit Sydney next year (March 2017), we are a family of three – husband, wife and a 3 year old daughter. Is it fine if I ask you details of your accommodation, can you share how much was the rental fee for the apartment and apartment contact details. This might be a good option for us as well.

  2. MigratingToAu says:

    Good read! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. Grace says:

    Hello Cathy! Yes i checked online and it was fully booked on our IED. Anyways, I’ll look for other accommodation and hope to find similar one. How was your daughter during your stay? Any problem with her food, my daughter kc is picky eater I hope it won’t be a problem for her. God bless and thank you for answering 🙂

    • Mommycathy says:

      Yup there are lot of options in Airbnb. As with my daughter, so far ok naman she enjoyed it there esp the spring weather, mahilig siya sa malamig kasi 🙂 and for the food, she’s not picky naman (knock on wood). In Sydney, they are big on being healthy and organic so in groceries i had a lot of options to feed her. She especially liked the yoghurts sold in Coles. I forgot the brands though 🙂

      • Grace says:

        good for her, it wont be difficult for her to adjust na rin sa big move 🙂 God bless! I read your blogs and can relate esp. motherhood topics 🙂

  4. eloybandohan says:

    very informative.thanks for taking time writing and sharing these tips…well done!

  5. Zeth Castino says:

    hi Cathy. just interested to know bout your hubby’s 189 application. was he able to find immediately a job there im Oz? im currently choosing that pathway kasi but i have yet to take the IELTS so soon and be assessed by VETASSESS. Thank you so much

    • Mommycathy says:

      Hi Zeth, I found your comment just now. Sorry about that. Anyway, we arrived in AU just recently to stay for good. We’re still on the settling/adjustment phase hehe especially on the weather (!!!) I hope everything goes well on your end, good luck on your application. PM me if I could be of help in any ways.

  6. Mel says:

    Hi cathy.. when when u took the train from airport to ur accommodation, hindi ba kayo nahirapan considering may bagahe at stroller ng bata? Ganun din kasi balak namin gawin.. thanks

    • Mommycathy says:

      Hi Mel,
      Going via train from Sydney Airport to Edgecliff was easy. Walking from Edgecliff station to the apartment was bearable since malapit lang, though it was honestly not easy breezy kasi jetlag plus with toddler. But surviveable 🙂

      • Mel says:

        HI Cathy,

        Kakatapos lang namin mag-IE.. ang blog mo ay isa sa source of info namin, pati sa itinerary and places to visit. hehe..
        thanks for sharing..

  7. Ryan says:

    Thank you sa details very informative. How’s your stay in Australia may work na ba si hubby and for good na ba kayo sa Aus? Is it better in Australia or Singapore?

  8. john says:

    Hi @Mommycathy

    Will you create a blog entry about your exp when you finally moved to AU for good? Hopefully you do as your post above is very much helpful.

  9. Josel May Herrera says:

    Hi Mommycathy. This is such a good read.
    You guys have an even more beatufull life in Australia.
    God Bless

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