How to apply for NBI Clearance in Australia: A Step-by-step guide

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  1. Ry Santi says:

    Hi Niño, i was the one who brought the NBI form from PH Consulate in Melb to the Mailed Clearance at NBI TAFT in behalf of my wife. The signature was not captured on the NBI Clearance form. Should I tell my wife to bring it back to PH Consulate so she can sign on it? Thanks

  2. alian says:

    Sir/Madam i want to renew my NBI CLearance in Saudi Arabia please guide me i am waiting for your reply. Thanks


    What about renewal of NBI? Is the finger print still required? May I have the process pls.

  4. Eveth Canufin says:

    When you authorize a person in the PH tonget your NBI Clearance, do you need to set a schedule with the NBI Office online?

  5. Jarleen Ortigoza Dizon says:

    Renewal is the need to do fingerprints too

  6. jenefer says:

    i already mailed the nbi fingerprint card to nbi manila last january 16 but until now 27th of january havent got the nbi cert . What shall i do i really need to submit it to the embassy in 2 days time .

    • Agnes says:

      Hi Jenefer,
      How did you send the form?Thru mail? How about the payment, that is really my question, can I really enclose 200pesos thru mail? And how will the send back? Thank you.

    • franz says:

      Hi i want to ask if u already have received your nbi cert from manila office?

    • Geraldine says:

      Hi anyone out there can help what i need to do..i renew my nbi in qld consulate brisbane..i follow the all instruction i send it to manila.last year September 2017..until now is MAY 6 2018..i haven’t received yet..i don’t don’t know.what is doing on..i spent $45 to send to consulate $35 fingerprints nbi card to police $40 for request to bank cheque international envelope. Cost $ lots of efforts for do or done everything..until now i didn’t get my nbi yet.almost 9months this happend to anyone there.pls help..i really need to my nbi for my visa.thanks..

  7. Maeann Villas says:

    Need to renew my nbi clearnce from australia. Does finger finger print needed??

  8. franz says:

    I need an nbi clearance for my partner visa. I have the old one issued December 2015. I messaged the consulate thru facebook and they sent me a file that detailed the steps on how to get my nbi clearance renewed and that all I need is to send my old nbi clearance along with the other requirements to NBI Manila and pay 200 pesos like what is said on this blog. My question is, would they send the new nbi clearance to Australia? if they many days will it take to arrive here? on the file they sent me, it was said that 115 pesos is the fee for clearance and the 85 pesos is for postage. Now, my partner called the embassy and he was told that the new nbi clearance will only be sent by post within Philippines and someone else like relative or friend will be the one to send it to us here in Australia. It’s quite confusing though because it doesn’t say anywhere on the file they sent me about that..and I asked them about it ,I got no response… (seen mode) I thought oh they we’re busy..maybe they don’t have time to respond to my query..but hey they posted some stuff on their timeline.. I said to myself “how come they have the time to post something (unimportant) yet they can’t answer to my question?.. oh dear! but anyways..I want to ask your idea about this matter..for those who have experienced renewing their nbi clearance ..can you please tell me about it.

    cheers everyone

  9. Edgar says:

    Ask ko lang how can i send the money 200 pesos payable to director of NBI as a money order?

  10. Geraldine says:

    I apply nbi cert last year September.send it to manila from Queensland Australia.until now i haven’t get my takes already 6months.i don’t know what is going on..i follow the all instructions.i spent money for it.even to going to police station to get done the fingerprint i pay for…i spent all $350 Australian.but is useless..i hope anyone out there can advise what i need to do…thanks.

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