Prior Migrating to Australia, Ask Yourself at Least 5 Whys

Bryan Galo

My jobs as engineer/planner/supervisor/manager required me to 'eat' numbers, everyday, for straight 14 years from 2004 to 2018. While numbers gave me an exciting outlook, offering something new to analyse, providing multi-disciplinary perspectives in problem-solving, I've realised that WORDS fed me real peace and profound joy. Writing becomes an outlet, a diversion. Every-time I write, I feel good. It aids in dumping emotions, healing wounds, expressing thoughts, clearing doubts, throwing away toxic, creating more imaginations, and above all, helping other people learn, unlearn, relearn - which makes me happy. It's a job - actually a hobby, that when I put the last 'dot' into my piece of art, with a smiling face I say "let's call it a fantastic and fulfilling day".

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