My Journey on a 489 Visa


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142 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    Very inspiring, bro. God bless 🙂

  2. Sagar says:

    hi, what are basic differences for 190 and 489? Did you encounter any difficulties while on 489 like medical emergency and etc etc?

    • iamisyut says:

      main difference is under 489 you don’t have medicare entitlement. I’ve not had any major difficulties except that getting a good full time job related to my field proved to be challenging. We also had Bupa Health cover the whole time that we were still under 489 for peace of mind.

  3. Joyce says:

    Thanks for the info.. Are yoi assigned to any region

    • iamisyut says:

      Hi Joyce,
      I got my 489 visa through South Australia State Nomination if that’s what you’re asking. Basically, since the visa was SA State Nominated I had a moral obligation to live and work in SA for 2 years. The whole State of SA is considered regional that includes their capital city – Adelaide

  4. Islandcross says:

    It is inspiring to see folks succeeded in acquiring their PR through 489 visa. My question is do you have to be working on your nominated skill? And will the employer genuinely honor the visa to land a job . We are currently on the process of lodging our 489 visa and there are tons of question. Your input will be highly appreciated.

    • iamisyut says:

      you don’t have to be working in your nominated skill. any job na full time(at least 35hours a week) for 12 months. it can be two jobs as long as makabuo ka nang 35 hours/wk or 70 hours/fortnight sa payslips mo. Yes, all employer nman will have no issues with 489 visa. Mostly sa kanila walang alam sa mga types of visa so you just have to explain a bit. Also, they can lookup about your visa sa VEVO if they require.
      Just keep your questions coming will be happy to answer. Goodluck! Cheers!

      • Islandcross says:

        Thanks iamsyut. Yeah, we just finish gathering all the docs for submission hopefully maisubmit na namin this week. How long do you reckon is the processing?

        • iamisyut says:

          hi, yung submission nyo ba is lodgement na nang visa application? meron na ba kayung state/relative nomination? which state/region? Yung processing time you can check it out here:
          mag vary pa din yun depending on individual circumstances. Read mo yung link sa DIBP they normally update that page. At least 9 months na ata processing ngayun for State nominated 489.

          • Islandcross says:

            Yes lodgement na ng visa through an agent from Brisbane. We have secured a state nomination from Tas. Thanks for the link, so it will take at least 9 months. Ayos din yan ng makapag prepare pa at makapag ipon pa 🙂 . Salamat iamisyut you are an inspiration. I hope na di ka magsawa sa pagsagot sa mga tanong.

  5. iamisyut says:

    Goodluck sa visa application! I hope you get your visa grant fast! Cheers!

  6. Meera says:

    hi. can I have your email ID. I have some queries. It will be very helpful if you can revert.

  7. Sreeja says:


    I’m searching for your Partner (subsequent entrant 489) story as I too have applied for the same visa class and would like to know your experience. How much time it took for your Partner to get the visa? I lodged mine in Nov 2017 and haven’t got any info yet. Although I know that a Case Officer has been assigned to my case.

    • iamisyut says:

      Hi, sorry I have not yet published the story about my subsequent entrant 489 visa experience.
      It took only a month for my partners application to be approved.
      If you already have a Case Officer a decision is probably on it’s way. Good Luck!

  8. Javed says:

    Hi Iamisyut, Thanks for the helping topic. could you please share your experience regarding the challenges of finding jobs in low populated areas. As I am planning to lodge 489 for NSW, it would be great help if you could tell me that how difficult it is to find job in these areas.

    • iamisyut says:

      In general, it is really challenging to find jobs here in AU not just in low populated areas even in the big cities especially if you are still starting out. My advice is you do research all about the area. Try also doing a web search in This will get you a picture of in demand jobs and other possible jobs that you may qualify.

  9. Jared says:

    Hi guys,

    I am preparing my visa 489 application (Relative Sponsored) just this week. Nag worry lang since when I asked my friend about the status of her application, she told me that parang walang update or nangyari sa application niya. That is why I’m contemplating if I should still apply for a visa subclass 489 or just go for costly one (Student Visa). Any Idea sa processing time for a subclass 489 (Relative Sponsored) application? Thank you!

  10. Kapil says:

    What is the process of PR after completing two years in same state? Do we have to go through 189 or 190 process once again or there is some other process? Please share

    • iamisyut says:

      After 2 years, you apply for PR 887 visa. It just a matter of applying it online and attaching proof of residence for 2 years and evidence of working full-time (35 hour per week) for 12 months. After submitting application for PR 887 visa you’ll be already eligible for Medicare while waiting for PR grant.

      • Jen says:

        Nice. Need pa ba ng IELTS ulit? I heard yung friend ko yung wife niya nagtake daw ng IELTS dahil dependent daw niya. Waahh… sana wala ng ganun

  11. Francis says:

    Inspiring story! Kudos!
    Question, why didn’t you go for the Visa 190 ?
    I’m about to submit my EOI for SA (75 points, class 190 ) but I have some hesitations.
    My spouse has no IELTS or PTE yet
    Also she didnt get her skills assessment.

    What do you think, shall I wait for these from my spouse or just go ahead with submitting the EOI fo (75 points, class 190)

    • iamisyut says:

      Thank you.
      Bakit ako di nag 190? Ang sagot nandyan sa story nang blog ko (above) hehe
      Long story short di ako umabot sa points.
      Are you saying na wait mo yung Skills Assessment at IELTS nang wife mo for an addtional 5 points? For me ha, it’s not worth it. If you already have 75 points now submit mo na EOI mo agad by ranking naman yun at ecoconsider din nila yung date of submission na EOI mo. So submit agad then apply for SA Nomination agad. Pag approve na SA Nomination mo automatic ma invite ka.

      • iamisyut says:

        Also, dagdag gastos lang yun. 75 points is ok na.

      • Francis says:

        Thanks a lot! Wala na pala ICT Support Engineer sa visa 190 For SA haha! Last year eligible pa eh. Baka mag visa 489 nalang ako
        or wait till July or Aug sabi nila nagiiba ang eligibilities sa July
        Ingat po dyan SA. Salamat ulit sir

  12. Prachi says:

    I read your story about 489 Visa. I wanted to seek your suggestions.I myself had applied last year for Australia PR for both 189 and 190 visa. Still didn’t get any invitation yet as my score for federal visa 189 is 60 points and for 190 it’s 65 points for software engineer category.

    I still don’t see any hope to get invitation for these two visa’s. Now my consultant told me that I should apply for 489 visa for SA as it will be easy for me per my occupation.

    Should I opt for 489 visa or still wait for nomination under 189/190 visa by improving my score in PTE exam to get 20 points.

  13. Prabhu says:

    Hi Friend,
    Its pleasant reading your story.
    Hope we meet up in Adelaide when I reach there. May be I could take some advice from your experiences.


  14. Alyna says:

    Hi! Can i ask anong IELTS exam for 489 ang kinuha mo? Was it academic or general? Thank you po!

  15. adaa says:

    hi there, my story is almost the same as yours.i applied for 489 visa with 75 points for Queensland and got an invite within two days. After state nomination i applied for the visa in March but still the status of application has not changed from recieved and no case officer appointed as well. the wait is killing me…do they reject the visa even if all my documents are complete?

  16. Elena says:

    Wonderful story and totally same as mine with exactly the same stumbling blocks – age, IELTS and BEng degree under-scored to become an associate degree! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  17. I just want to ask if my children can avail of the free education if I have 489 visa only?

  18. Duminda says:

    Hi there, i am also gonna apply for this visa type and waiting for skillselect invitation. I have offered Northern Territory (NT) nomination and I only submitted my signed deceleration today. I do have a bit hesitation to go for it since it allows me to stay only for 4 years and i must apply for PR via 887.
    And my other problem is i am still single and to be married soon. But not by the time i lodge the visa application. I found a way that i can request visa for my partner while my application is being processed (with change circumstances document). But my partner is not in a situation to complete Functional English. Will that be a problem for his visa? Will he be offered 489 visa if i submit his details while they process my application ?
    I am really stressed.

    • iamisyut says:

      With a 489 visa you will be eligible to apply for PR through visa 887 as long as you meet the required criteria:
      1) have lived in a specified regional area of Australia for at least two years
      2) have worked full time in a specified regional area for at least one year

      After you get married, you can apply him a “Subsequent entrant visa” tied to your visa. Your partner can present a certificate from school that stating -english as the medium of instruction. Or he can take ielts he just need a functional english test outcome around 4.5 score I think or you can pay the second installment.

      My 2 cents is don’t get stressed out, take things one step at a time and secure first your own visa. I can tell you Australia has been constantly changing the Skilled Migration program. So grab every opportunity and don’t hesitate. Goodluck!

  19. Heaven0905 says:


    Im glad that i found this site and thanks for giving very informative answers esp relating to visa 489. My husband is in Adelaide now trying to find a job. He just arrived yesterday. Madali lang po ba maghanap ng work jan kahit na under 489 visa? Madalas kasi negative or sobrang outdated na info sa ibang sitws :. Im the main applicant ,need nya ba iinform ang australian immigration na nasa Adelaide na sya? Thank you so much and God bless you.


    • iamisyut says:

      Hello, medyo challenging ang paghanap nang work sa Adelaide depende sa industry nang skills nang husband mo. I suggest mag network lang sya, connect to other pinoys and friends here na makaka refer nang jobs sa kanya. SA nominated ba 489 mo? If yes since ikaw ang main applicant sa email mo ipapadala nang SA yung immigration survey. You don’t need to inform DIBP or DHA na nasa adelaide na sya alam na nila yung nung nag entry sya sa bansa. Goodluck po sa husband mo sana maka work sya agad.

  20. Heaven0905 says:

    Hi Thanks for the reply. Nagwork husband ko as logistics dito sa Singapore and May experience din sya sa retail sales. May friend kami na nsa Adelaide din and iniintroduce husband ko sa mga ibang friends nila. Yes ako po ung main applicant and SA nominated po ung 489 namin. Salamat sa tips… yeah really praying na magkawork sya agad.

    Salamat and God bless you!


  21. belle_lontok says:

    Hi! I just want to ask if naghanap pa po kayo ng migration agents to help you with your documents and VISA application? Thank you.

  22. Khaw says:

    Hi. I would like to ask about the financial capacity requirement. Magkano ung dinala mo na pera when u migrate?

    • iamisyut says:

      Hi, I brought 5k with me when I entered AU. Ako lang din kasi mag isa, nag tipid2x while hanap pa nang work. Luckily naka hanap agad ako nang work after a month. Kung hindi I’m di kasya ang 5k.

  23. noel b says:

    I know its been a while since this was posted ,but I hope you’d be able to help
    Cut the long story short, we will be migrating as a family( me ,my wife and 2 children). Initially wehave hopes for a visa 190 but our agent advised for a visa 489. my EOI score is 75 for 190 and it will be 80 if in 489. Our concerns mainly is the processing of 489 to 889 PR visa. I would like to know how was it when you apply for PR? and is not having a medicare or social security a big drawback for these 2 years on a 489 VISA.
    I’d really appreciate any advise you can give us since my wife is opting to wait for any nomination availability for visa 190 and I’m kinda keen on going towards the 489.

    • iamisyut says:

      Hi Noel, may I know what occupation you are applying for? I ask this because depending on the availability of your occupation for state nomination in other states. SAs 489 might be your best and fastest option. So decide well.
      During my time I was able to apply for PR 887 after two years, one year of that should be a full time work experience (at least 35 hours a week of work for 12 months) it was straight forward you just need to submit proof of residency in SA and work evidences. It took 3 months before our PR got approved. You are right we are not entitled to medicare yet when on 489. However upon submission of PR 887 application you can have Medicare already while your application is in progress. While we didn’t have medicare I had to pay monthly for private insurance (Bupa) just for peace of mind. But it’s up to you that’s not compulsory.

      • noelbaldelomar says:

        I’m currently assessed as medical laboratory technician and hopefully if ever ill pass the exam of AIMS licensure on march I’d be medical laboratory scientist. but if job searching would be hard then any occupation will do.

  24. noel baldelomar says:

    currently i was assessed as medical laboratory technician and if God willing if i pass AIMS exam nxt year i will be medical laboratory scientist.

  25. Sreeja says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and the positive spirit you have maintained through out! I have received an invitation now for 489. I am the primary applicant and my husband is the co applicant. I am suggesting my husband to go first (after all us have entered the port once),find a job and then me and kid to join , stay for 2 years while me and husband work in the same region.
    Can you please advice if this is something we can do?

    Thanks in advance for guidance!


    • iamisyut says:

      Hi Sreeja,

      I would suggest you enter all at once. Being you as the primary applicant it is you who will be required to comply with the eligibility requirements to apply for PR 887 later on. You will need to live and work in SA for two years, one year of that is full time work at least 35 hours per week.

  26. Suhail says:


    I’ve been granted 489 visa for South australia, my first entry should be before 14th Jan, currently living in dubai.I’m planning to migrate by 2019 end.
    My question is : can i book my ticket to sydney airport and leave australia from there within 4 days or is it necessary to register in south australia about the first entry.

    • iamisyut says:

      Hi Suhail, yes you can do that. Also bear in mind, that your visa started the day it was granted. You also need to inform SA that you have arrived. There will be a semi annual survey sent to you from Migration SA to monitor your progress.

  27. Govi says:

    Hi, can we open a company on our name with 489 visa and work for ourselves? Does this count as 12 months experience?whr can i chk for odd jobs till i find a job of my nominated occupation?

    • iamisyut says:

      Yes you can. As long as it is a paid job and you need to collect the necessary documents like, payslips or any proof of compensation. Odd jobs usually by networking with friends or with other migrants.

  28. Prashant says:

    Great story mate. I just received ITA from SA for 489 visa. I currently work as a procurement professional for an IT company in the UK. I have some concerns which may be you could help with:
    1. Cost of living is on the top of my list. We are a young family of 3. UK in itself is quite expensive but it’s been manageable with regular income. I was wondering how much would be enough to live a good life in Adelaide. By how much I mean which salary range which would allow us to lead a healthy and happy life with some potential to save for the rainy day?
    2. Medical insurance: in the UK we are covered by NHS which is our National Health Service. We have private health insurance as well through our jobs which isn’t very expensive and it costs us just about £30 per month. I was wondering how much we’ll need to spend in Aus on insurance as we like to be fully covered.
    3. Child care benefits and schooling: any ideas about this especially on 489 visa. I reckon the story is different with a PR
    4. Jobs: this is the crucial point as everything will revolve around it. I have prepared myself to leave my current industry and take any procurement job. My concern is do you need to be there for the interview or the companies are happy with online interviews as well. How do the organisations think there?


    • iamisyut says:

      Hi Prashant,
      Thanks for reading this blog. As for your queries, I’ll try my best if I can share you some info.
      1.) Cost of living would really depend how you manage. If you earn around $1500-$2000 a week would probably be substantial I would think and still be able to save some.
      2.) A private health insurance for a family of 3 can range around 200-300 aud a month with hospital coverage. You can shop around and compare their quotes. The top providers are as follows: Bupa, Medibank, HCF, Australian unity, AHM. I am using Bupa for years now.
      3) I don’t think you get childcare benefits when on 489. I don’t have kids so not really sure about this sorry.
      4) Mostly you probably would need to be here to do some interviews. But you can try applying for jobs and let them know you are offshore and if they are really interested or if they really need your skills they would probably consider.

      Goodluck to you and your family!

  29. Selvapriya Mahalingam says:

    Is it mandatory for primary applicant to fulfill the eligibility requirements of 887 or secondary applicant can also do this?

  30. Tiana says:

    Hello.You are very helpful and I hope you can also help me out.I’m a kidney transplant recipient.The person I’m engaged with recently got 489 visa.Am I able to get visa, considering my physical condition?Will health checkup reject me? Is there any medical benefit for me when on 489 visa?and if not then how can I manage the total cost in best possible way?

    • iamisyut says:

      Hi Tiana,

      I hope this finds you well. I would imagine that they will most likely reject those individuals with communicable disease e.g, HIV but yours is not that. So, I would think positively that they will consider your application of course.

      When you are on a 489 visa you are not eligible for Medicare but when you transition to PR you can then get Medicare. So, my advise is since you have a known medical condition when your 489 visa gets granted and you are in australia be sure to get a private insurance to cover you in case of any emergency.

      Best of luck!

  31. Grant says:

    Hello everyone!

    I want to ask about our chance of receiving invitation for having 70 points under Visa subclass 489. Is it worth giving it a try?

    Thank you in advance for all the replies.

    • iamisyut says:

      Yes. You should try! What your occupation? Are applying SA sponsorship?
      If you applied SA sponsorship and your occupation is listed available in SA list of occupation, when they approve your SA sponsorship you will automatically receive an invitation to apply or ITA.

  32. Hikari says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Could please enlighten me about 489 SA, can I work in any area in SA include Adelaide city itself?

    Thank you “iamisyut”for your inspiring blog.

    • iamisyut says:

      Yes, you can work anywhere in SA including Adelaide as the entire State is considered regional. And you can also work on any job not necessarily the skilled occupation you were nominated for.

  33. singh says:

    I have submitted my EOI for 189 visa with 65 points and thinking of applying for 190. As iam a software engineer which state would be a good choice for me?

    • iamisyut says:

      It will depend on what your occupation code is. You need to visit each State and Territory Migration website and check the current list of occupations that are open in that particular State or Territory. When you find your occupation in the list, then you will need to read through their eligibility criteria and submit an application for State Nomination after you have assessed that you are eligible.

  34. Arun says:

    Hi I leave in sydney and I have been granted with Queensland 489 visa on 29/03/19 . When should I need to shift from sydney to Queensland . When should I quit my current job

    • iamisyut says:

      Hi Arun, Congratulations on your visa grant!
      In order to be eligible for PR 887 later on (the PR pathway from 489) you need to:

      1) lived for at least 2 years in a regional or low-population growth metropolitan area
      2) must have lived and worked full-time (at least 35 hours a week) for at least 12 months

      There is a list of areas in Australia which are considered regional you can check them out here:

      Those 2 are the major residency and work requirement so you can apply PR 887 visa after two year of holding 489 visa.

      So, in consideration to this I would suggest move as soon as possible. You can also try your luck by applying for jobs in QLD while you are still in Sydney that way when you move to QLD you already have a job.

  35. Arun says:

    Hi I leave in sydney and I have been granted with Queensland 489 visa on 29/03/19 . When should I need to shift from sydney to Queensland . When should I quit my current job. Will there be any specific time to move on .

  36. Krunal says:

    489 to 887 is possible .??? Any success story..?…I heard is tough to tr to pr….and ielts is requare again when apply for 887

    • iamisyut says:

      Hi Krunal,
      489 to 887? Yes it is very possible! I know several success stories and I’m one of those. You can use the same IELTS report that you submitted during 489 visa application.

  37. Krunal says:

    Sir do you get pr ? And job ie available in regional area and what about 491 change ???

  38. Janz says:

    Hi Sir. Your story is very inspiring and Praise God. I am in the same situation now. I couldn’t get all band 7 for ielts and pte. I’ve taken it several times already. Ask ko lang po inaaccept bah nang SA ang band 6 sa provisional 489 for 261313 Software Engineer. I have positive result for ACS. Appreciate your reply. Maraming salamat po and God Bless.

    • iamisyut says:

      Hi Janz, the requirement for 261313 here in South Australia is Proficient English (or Proficient Plus overall) it means dapat naka 7.5 ang Over-all score mo sa IELTS mo or 73 in PTE.

      Also, yung occupation code mo is naka Special conditions apply. Not generally open and it’s only available for certain conditions. You can check the site from time to time baka sakaling mag open ulit or check mo sa ibang states if open sila. Goodluck!

  39. ravi says:

    I applied for Tasmania 489 and got invitation within 2 months with 70 points. No its been more then 3 month that my case is in embassy. Can anyone suggest here how much more time it would take ?.


    • iamisyut says:

      I’ve checked the DHA website and there are no standard processing time. So I guess you’ll just have to be patient and wait for any feedback. Goodluck!

  40. memeh says:

    Hello sir, how long (timeline) would it take after lodging the application for nurses? for SA? thank u sir God bless.

    • iamisyut says:

      Did you mean lodging an SA State nomination for nurses? If so, the processing time according to SA migration website is 7 weeks for 489/190.

  41. Grace says:

    @iamisyut, thanks for sharing your story. What were your challenges when you were looking for job? Although you were able to get one after a month. For Business Analyst- are there good opportunities in Adelaide now? I can see there are job opportunities via SEEK.AU but would be good to hear from those who are there now.

    • iamisyut says:

      As Adelaide is less populated compared to Melbourne or Sydney job opportunities are also not that many. I am not really sure about job opportunities in that area you’ll just have to keep looking at

  42. Anuradha Gakhar says:

    In o e of it.vomments you mentioned that ‘it’s my moral obligation to stay in SA coz it nominated me’. I need a clarification… Is it mandatory to live in the sponsored state or you can live anywhere in regional Australia?

    • iamisyut says:

      You can live and work in any area as long as it is regional or low population growth. But not really sure if the criteria’s going to change. I think the best and safest way (to avoid any future complications) is to stay and work in the state that sponsored you. And if you really can’t find a job after exerting all your efforts you can email SA migration to get their advice.

  43. Nishan says:

    Hi friend, nice ideas you have given,
    In my case pls help me,
    1,im software engineer have 65 points in points test, for 190 category won’t that be enough? I checked with Tasmania , it says not enough. Do you have an idea of other states cut off marks ?
    2. ,if I applying under 489 and got visa can I bring spouses along with me?
    3. Can spouse live and work that province fulltime without primary applicant is present in australia ?
    That means I have to come back to take care of kids letting the spouse to work there.
    If so can spouse get pr after 4 years and can sponsor us?

    • iamisyut says:

      1) Sorry I am not really familiar with Tasmania migration criterias. But I am sure 65 points is the current passmark as per DHA.
      2) Yes you can bring your spouse with you. You need to include your spouse in your application
      3) Yes to all your questions

  44. Anuradh says:

    Hi Buddy
    Happy to see your insights on processes. I have sent EOI for SA for both 190(70+5) & 489(70+10) , my ANZSCO is 323112: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer .
    last week i was contacted by CO sort of suggesting me to go ahead with 489.
    my question is:
    1. if i do not accept 489 in this case, will it automatically invalidate my 190 EOI as well ?
    2. if it does invalidate my 190 EOI, can i submit a new EOI to SA again in future ?

    Thanks 🙂

  45. Mohamed K says:

    When i first arrive in Australia on a 489 visa do i have to register my self with the state ?, if so please let me know how. My nominated state is NSW. appreciate your help and Thanks

    • iamisyut says:

      I am not familiar with how NSW tracks their sponsored skilled migrants. In SA, they send us a link where we could register when we arrive and then followed up with subsequent emails in 6, 18, 24 months respectively. I suggest you email NSW about it and if they are practicing this kind of method as each State have their own system.

  46. Rajkumar says:

    I have currently 65 point , can I get 489 for chemist occupation

  47. Hyde says:

    Thank you for this blog! Did you specify the region which you’d like to be nominated when you filed your EOI or you just chose Any?

  48. Pat says:

    Hi, I’m a graphic designer and I’m deciding whether I should apply for 489. Last December when I started planning and preparing, SA 190 was still open for my occupation, but recently after I got my assessment and PTE result, I found out that I’m now only qualified for 489. I’m currently at 80pts for 190 and 85pts for 489. ACT is also open for 190 but it’s impossible to get an invitation now because of the ACT matrix( they’re inviting 60 points higher and I’m only at 55 because I dont have partner points)

    Anyway, I dont know if I should wait til July for the visa options to update. or lodge my EOI for 489 now. Originally when I was targeting 190, my Big move was supposedly late next year, but if I try out for 489 and get the grant this year, things will have to move faster. Do you think it’s a bad idea of I do my big move 1 year after the visa grant? I still have to save money and prepare.

    When you applied for your PR visa 2 years later, how long did the entire process take? I heard some applicants had to wait for more than 1 year. What will happen if your provisional visa expires while your PR visa is still being processed for approval?

  49. Neeraj says:

    Sir I have bachelor degree in hotel management with one year of experience and 5-6 years experience in customer relationship and administration (family business) but in occupation list there is no option for hotel employees. Please help me if I am eligible for 489 visa.

  50. MissT says:

    Hi !
    your story is very inspiring!
    I have a small clarification.. If I get 489 at the age of 38 and I complete working for 2 years (to be eligible for 887) only when I am 40+, will my age be a barrier when applying for PR through 887?

    Take care

    • iamisyut says:

      Nope it won’t be a barrier. As you are no longer points tested when applying PR 887. To be eligible for 887 you need to 1) have lived in a specified regional area for two years and 2) work full-time (35 hour per week) for 12 months.

  51. Palavi says:

    Hi , thanks for sharing your story – really motivated! 🙂
    I am the primary applicant and have 80 points (including state sponsorship, 79+ on PTE) on EOI. However, my occupation (Advertising Specialist) is currently closed for South Australia and is a part of the supplementary list. Do you have any idea about when do the quotas generally open. Is it anytime in the year or at the start of the program year i.e. July.

  52. Sarath Ps says:


    Is there any chance to get an invitation if I Apply for 489 with 65(Including state nomination ) as an electrical engineer? Since 65 is minimum point recently would it be wise to apply for 489 with 65 points?
    Do you know the total process time for 489?

    • iamisyut says:

      489 visa requires either a relative or state nomination. 65 points should be enough. If for example you apply SA state nomination under 489 and this gets approved you will be automatically be invited. This will trigger your Skillselect EOI to send you an invitation to apply. As long as you meet all the criteria 65 points can get you the visa.

  53. Rahul says:

    Hi guys
    I have got 65 points without experience and I have 1 years experience overses so can I apply 489 visa

  54. Jen says:

    Good to know your story! I am inspired of it. I have the same dilemma of having less than 2 years before I turn to 40. I will try to apply in the SA using the provisional visa. I wish it is the PR but my occupation is only for the provisional one.

    Thank you and God bless for sharing your story.

  55. Yash says:

    Hi iamisyut, good day to you. Kudos bro for answering all the queries. I have an question on SA regional visa 489. Recently I have successfully submitted application for regional visa 489 when my occupation was in available status. After 2 hours of submitting my application, the status changed to special conditions apply. Now what are chances of receiving invitation is a big question for me. Could you please advise if you have any idea on this? Thanks in advance… regards, Yash

  56. Yash says:

    Hi bro, thanks for posting and sharing your experience. I have an question here. Will SA invite all the applicants those who applied for state nomination is they meet all criteria mentioned? To be more precise, I have submitted my application when my occupation (Developer programmer) was in green (available) -of course it turned to special conditions by evening and also amount got deducted towards the applications fees. What are the chances if receiving invitation in my case? Thanks in advance… Regards,

    • iamisyut says:

      I am not sure about this. But for sure if there are still slots for your occupation they would approve your sponsorship. When did you submit? Have they come back to you yet?

      Though, I think you won’t be able to submit an application for sponsorship of a specific occupation if it is not available. So if you were able to submit it means you were counted when the occupation was still in green. So i think you’re all right. Let’s wait and see.

  57. AP singh says:

    Hi Iamisyut,

    Appreciate your efforts to answer every query. Hope mine be answered soon.

    After applying 887 visa and waiting for PR , Can we move to any region or city of any state other than sponsored state ?

  58. Martin Lanuza says:

    Hi Sir. Very nice article! I just want to ask pano ka po nag apply for South Australia? Nag direct k b sa website nila? I also have 65 pts, Mechanical Engineer and papatak ako sa Visa 489 and medyo no choice ako since other state are hard to acquire an invitation bka dto sa SA mkakuha ako. Thank you!

  59. abhsiheksdimt says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please guide I received invitation for 489 visa South Australia. My profession is University lecturer 242111. I have 70 points for 189 & for 190 I have 75 points. Please guide me should I wait for 190 or 189 invitation as my occupation lies in non prorata category.

    2 question: We are 4 in our family (Me, My wife, and 2 kids)- Do we have to pay school fees of our kids under 489 category and can we get any discounts in fee to enroll ourself for any diploma course.

    3. Is it possible that one time we all 4 land in South Australia and then my wife and kids go back to India and I will stay in in South Australia to arrange everything or is it mandatory that they also have to stay with me to complete 2 years rule.

    4. Is it good option to move under 489 category and how much processing time does it take to get PR or 887 and able to receive any benefits.

    5. For my profession occupation ceiling has increased last year it was 2900 appx visa but now it’s 3800 visa and competition is also less, should I wait or go with 489 Visa.

    Please guide I am in confusion to opt for 489 or not because it’s quiet burdensome to bear school fees & medicals without any social security benefits. it’s better they study in India until we not receive PR. Just to know they have to stay with me or not.


  60. Ayaz says:

    Hi, your story is very inspiring. Seek your clarification on my situation as below.
    I wish to apply for SA 489 and expect to get a score of 65-70.
    My question is whether there is a merit for 489 or by simply scoring the eligibility points of 65, I’m sure to get an invitation from Immi Australia.

  61. chathu says:

    hi , great story.
    when you are eligible to apply pr? after 2 years or after 4 years ?
    Do we need to do ielts again ?

  62. gracie says:

    hello sir your blog is quite inspiring and motivating for people who has the same goal as you.Recently my hubby and I along with our only son got our 489 visa regional sponsored in south australia.We have no relatives or friends whom to assist us upon landing the place.We are filipinos & my hubby(primary applicant)is working overseas(qatar)Getting the visa from SA is a big challenge for us to step up and pursue our dreams.Our only doubt is can we manage and set in South australia in no time ,aside from the job which my hubby is still on the process of hunting (oil and gas jobs )he’s a graduate of chemical engineer /laboratory technician thats what his work now.Do he really need to get a job based on nominated skill?Secondly, we have no relatives/friends to stay at ,no idea of good & safe places to stay with.Thirdly if we will set directly say early next year will I be able to send my son to school at a low cost but quality education?he is turning 4 next year and thats quite thinking for us to ponder.And lastly will I be able to get a job,im a registered nurse in phils but with almost 5yrs gap experience..hope you could give us some recommendations/enlightenments for this..thankyou 🙂

    • iamisyut says:

      Hi Gracie,
      Congrats on getting your 489 visa!. Reading your message about your credentials and work experiences I think you have a strong chance of landing a job her. There are agencies that do accept Registered nurses from PH as personal carers and other aged care related jobs. Your husband won’t need to get a job related to the occupation he nominated for the visa. It can be any job.
      Goodluck on your big move. Let us know when you are arriving and how we can help. 🙂

      • gracie says:

        @iamisyut thanks for the prompt response sir.thats somehow a relief for us before landing to SA.can i send you an email for some queries?we are planning to enter SA early next year, on February most probably.Is [email protected] is still active?thanks again sir.

  63. Amit says:

    Hi iamisyut,

    I , my wife and 2 year old son have been granted sc 489. I am the primary applicant. The grant pdf file mentions arrive by 6 Nov 2019. Does that mean all of us have to be in SA by the date mentioned or will it suffice only if I register my arrival initially before this date and they join later from Singapore where i am currently working.


    P.S – Had sent an email to you with some queries. Would be very thankful if you could kindly reply.

    • iamisyut says:

      Yes, all of you must enter Australia on or before 6 Nov 2019. After your initial entry you or your family can go back to Singapore while you find work in SA.

  64. Amit says:

    Thanks a lot for your response. I presume when I and my family enter SA, the immigration department at the airport will take note of our arrival date. Is there anything else that I need to do or tell them that I arrived before the date mentioned in my visa pdf document for them to take record of my arrival date?

    I also keep getting regular emails from Immigration SA which says:

    -You must register within 3 months of your arrival.
    -Only primary applicants need to register their arrival.
    -If you are only visiting Australia to validate your visa and then returning to your home country, you are not required to register the arrival now.
    -If you are already onshore, please activate your registration link now and enter your arrival date as the date your State nominated visa was granted.

    Where to find this registration link? Also upon registration, will we get some Id card for SC 489 like we get employment pass/ dependent pass here in Singapore.

    Sorry for the trouble and Thanks for responding.

    Upon registration

    • Tena says:

      Hi Amit

      I’m awaiting my Visa grant and have SA state sponsorship.

      I was planning to land in Australia once my visa is granted and return to Singapore to later come back and stay in SA.

      Going by your points, should I register only after I begin my stay in SA.

      What info is being asked in the registration link pls

  65. ravi says:

    Can one connect with the Case Officer, while waiting for the grant ? Is there some process ?

    • MO says:

      Bro, I think this will not impact to the applicants who have already received the 489 invite, right?

      So the condition of 2 year live and 1 year work will remain the same for those who have already received an invite, correct?

    • insider580 says:

      Bro, this is valid only for future applicants right? I have already been invited under 489 SA. So the condition of 2-year live and 1-year work is still valid for me and Adelaide still remains to be the regional area for us, right?

  66. Tena says:

    Hi Sir,

    Should the Dependent spouse also work in SA to be able to apply for PR after 2 years.

    I’m the primary applicant and my spouse is the skilled Dependent.

    Is it legal and OK for my spouse to work in Sydney and myself the primary applicant work in SA for 1 yr and live there for 2 years. Will I be able to apply for PR ?

  67. Chum Iglesia says:

    Hi! Thank you for sharing your story! My husband (main applicant) myself and my daughter just received a 489 visa invite from SA today. I’ve been reading the comments thread and just wanted to ask if we can enter through Sydney and stay there until we are required to enter SA? My sis in law lives in penrith and we were hoping staying there would give us time to apply for jobs and find a place to stay in SA for the meantime.. thanks so much!

  68. Hameed says:

    Hi, i want to know after completing 2 years of livving and one year of job requirment for visa 489, how much time taken to get PR? And after applying for pr still we have to stay in the nominated state untill we get PR?

  69. sher says:

    Hi! I have read your education was assessed as AQF Associate Degree w/a Major in Computing. May I know what did you choose during EOI application under education part? As Associate Degree is not included in the dropdown list. My education was also assessed as AQF Associate Degree. Hope you could help me. Thank you!

  70. Indah says:

    Hi iamisyut,

    Thanks for sharing your story. It compelled me to want to apply through this route as well. I have a few questions for you:
    1. Do you have to work in the same job in the demand field in order to get points? My job was advertising manager. But if I change and become a kindergarten teacher and then applied with early childhood job skill, does my work in other field still be counted?
    2. How does your relative sponsor you? Do they need to write a letter? Or do we just mention their names and ID?
    3. Where do you apply online?
    4. Do you need to provide all the payslips and tax income from all the years you’ve been working? Or print outs of bank account?
    5. I have cousins in Melbourne, can they still sponsor me even if I choose a place like Adelaide to migrate (because it’s easier?)

    Thank you so much for your inspiring story

  71. Abdul Basit says:

    Dear iamisyut,

    Nice to hear about your success story, hope you’ll help others to make their stories as success stories too.

    I have received invitation to apply in Skillselect (mechanical Engineer) in SC489, should i apply or should i wait for 189 or 190, since i had applied in all states wherever my Occupation was available in SOL. PS, my score for 189 was 65, 70 for 190 and 75 for 489.

    I am also interested to know about your journey after landing in South Australia? like how & when did you get your professional job related to your field? till that job how you managed your survival there? what about your spouse visa (subsequent entry visa)? since in this visa, medicare & child education are not provided by state. What about job prospects since you reached the SA almost 6 years before, and the overall conditions must have changed by now.

    Will really appreciate your prompt & honest response.

    Best Regards,
    Abdul Basit

    • iamisyut says:

      Hello Abdul,
      May I know what is your occupation? Is your occupation on MLTSSL list? It would really depend on you but of course if you have a way and if the possibility of getting PR straightaway is within your reach go for it. Otherwise, go for 489 as it would be a faster option. Goodluck!

  72. Chuck says:

    Hello po,

    Na approved na po work visa ng wife ko being her as primary and kasama na kami ng baby namin.

    We are planning to fly out to AU this october na.
    Me requirement po ba sa immigration na kelangan namin e prepare?

    We are planning to stay sa SG one day lng den lipad pa au the next day. Kelangan po ba me return ticket?

    • iamisyut says:

      Congratulations! Wala naman requirements na ni rerequire nang Au immigration when you enter. When you enter they would know your visa just by scanning your passport. Siguro ang mga airline mag ne-need nang copy nang visa nyo before your flight. Also, no return ticket needed.

  73. Kiran says:


    I have got 489 QLD grant and planning to move in Feb 2019. My Question is can I move to Adelaide after couple of months if I don’t get proper job there? because Adelaide also considered as Regional area. Please suggest. Thank you.

  74. Kristine Tan says:

    Hello! Thanks for sharing your story. It’s truly inspiring. I was trying to get some answers related to the financial requirement of SA but couldn’t find it amongst the comments above. Anyway, just wanna ask if there is a real financial declaration form you need to fill out upon applying for state nomination? And, do they really ask for statements to support your declaration? Did you experience this? Coz it is stressing me out that we have to possess at least 35-40kAUD based on the table in point 7.3 under the heading “Financial Capacity”. Appreciate your reply. Thanks a lot!

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