Our Initial Entry in Australia – Melbourne


I am a Filipina currently based in Singapore. This is a personal blog which will feature my travels, as well as other things I am passionate about. :)

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5 Responses

  1. Gily says:

    Good to hear first-hand experience from real people who made initial entry in Melbourne. Hope to read more inspiring and informative stories from other people before we permanently settle in AU.

  2. wanderingdarkelf says:

    Eyy thanks Gilly… Yeah, I’m hoping other people will share their stories and experiences as well esp. those who are already living/settled in AU. 🙂

  3. Gily says:

    Hi wanderingdarkelf,

    Do you used the paid city tour bus in Melbourne? Or you just use the train and trams for your transportation? What’s your experience about the transpo. We are four going there so I’m thinking about the the transport in and around of Melbourne.

  4. wanderingdarkelf says:

    Hi Gily,

    We didn’t use the paid city tour bus in Melbourne. We just did a hop on/hop off on the trams within CBD. We went to Flinder’s station, Federation Square, St. Paul’s Cathedral (these places are just in front of each other), Queen Victoria Market, Fitzroy Garden. You may check the city paid tours incase its more convenient or has stops not covered by the CBD trams. Outside CBD, we took the trains. I find transpo in Melbourne very convenient (always check the map and tam routes), just remember that some trains don’t have automatic doors so you will need to manually open the doors (like a normal or sliding one) when you alight.

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